Why BELLA NutriPro

Why are experts and everyday consumers choosing the BELLA NutriPro Juicer to enhance their healthy lifestyles? Read their reviews below to find out why so many people love the NutriPro.

Experts and Customers Choose NutriPro

  • Peter lost 60 lbs and gained a new life

    With juicing, I lost sixty pounds in sixty days. And, I’ve lost ninety-seven pounds in six months. The NutriPro juicer took me to the next level. Every day I was losing weight. I could see it in my face, I could see it on the scale, I could see it in my energy level.

    Peter G.

  • Marcia's story on her health

    People think that it's so strange for me to say that cancer was the best thing that happened to me. But had that diagnosis never been made, I never would've gotten into juicing as much as I have. And, juicing has changed my life. The Bella NutriPro Cold Press Juicer is the best juicer out there right now for the money. The quality far surpassed anything else that-- that is out there.

    Marcia S.

  • Donna's story on her health

    When I learned that I had this stage zero breast cancer, it was a total shock. So I learned how to juice. I learned how to eat real foods, raw foods, healthy produce. I am cancer free. And I attribute that to the nutrients that I infuse in my body through juicing and through healthy living.

    Donna P.

  • Enrika lost 50 lbs

    I juiced for 60 days, and I got my life force back. I was happier and I started to feel better. And my skin had changed, and I lost 50 pounds in 60 days. If you want to find optimal health, juice. You gotta dive in and juice, and I would recommend the NutriPro. It's a cold press juicer, so it's the best way to juice.

    Enricka G.


I am often asked what juicer to use and it's important to find a juicer you absolutely love. I love the BELLA NutriPro. It's beautiful, there are very few parts and it's easy to clean up. The BELLA NutriPro by far makes the best tasting juice.

Diana Stobo (meet Diana)
Best Selling Author, Health and Wellness Coach and Culinary Artist

Before juicing, I could see a life of feeling out of control, of having a sense of control, of knowing that I could do something for my own health. But, that's definitely not the way I see my future now. It feels really amazing to start my day with liquid nutrition.

Elena L.

I think the NutriPro is a great tool to help people get started feeling more joyful, feeling more healthy, enjoying their daily lives more. And, at the end of the day it provides you with those liquid nutrients like nothing else in your kitchen can.


I'm 40 years old now, and I feel like I have-- a higher energy level than I did when I was 20. And a key part of that is juicing with a machine like the NutriPro. You're getting the vitamins and minerals that your body really does need.

Wolf L.