How It Works

The BELLA NutriPro uses the state of the art bladeless cold-press technology to minimize oxidation and preserve more live enzymes and nutrients while creating more and better tasting juice.


Bladeless, Cold-Press Technology

Third party studies have shown that the BELLA NutriPro's bladeless process actually gets more nutrients out of produce than traditional juicers. The BELLA NutriPro uses a single pressing auger to press out every bit of goodness with high quality precision. Traditional juicers and blenders with spinning blades create heat and break open the cell walls of the produce, exposing it to oxygen and reducing nutrients.


Easy to Use

There is no need to jam or push your produce into the juicer like with traditional juicers. Cut your produce into pieces and simply drop it into the feeder tube. The BELLA NutriPro will do the rest. The jam resistant technology will provide continuous juicing for a quick and easy experience. Pro Tips: Rotate leafy greens with fruit and vegetables. And cutting harder produce, like carrots, into smaller pieces can speed the juicing process.


Quiet and Safe to Operate

BELLA NutriPro's cold-press technology is quieter than standard juicers and blenders. So, you can make yourself fresh orange juice for breakfast without worrying about waking anyone up. And, with no spinning blades, it's safer too.


Easy to Clean

The BELLA NutriPro has very few parts and is easy to clean. Simply rinse with water between juicing recipes. When you are done, the removable parts go in the dishwasher. And, there are no sharp blades to worry about when you wash and assemble your juicer.