Frequently Asked Questions


The BELLA NutriPro and Juicing

What is cold press juicing?
How does the BELLA NutriPro compare to other juicers?
What is the difference between the NutriPro Juicer and a blender?
Is my BELLA NutriPro dishwasher safe?
Are there any fruits or vegetables I shouldn’t put in the NutriPro?
Can I make nut milks with the NutriPro?
Is juicing healthy?

Payment and Shipping

Do I need to pay taxes on my order?
Can I use a pre-paid card to pay for my purchase?
What is the cost of shipping?
Can I ship my order outside of the United States?
What Holidays might delay my shipment?
Will my online payment be secure?

Refunds and Returns

How do I make a return?
What if my return is past 60 days?
When will I see my refund?
What if my product arrived damaged?